Fire Porn and Hobby Horsing

After holding down the fort for the summer, Krista welcomes Freddy and Carson back from vacation. Freddy kicks things off with his Business Idea of The Week, which unfortunately appears to be a mainstay for Season Two of Zero Fucks Given. Krista, still in a vacation mindset – just kidding, she wasn’t allowed to leave the office – has been all too eager to tell her friends about Hobby Horsing, the newest Olympic sporting event.

The Premier of Toasted Zebra

Coming to you from the masterminds behind Poober and eBay for human organs, we bring you the Toasted Zebra! Inspired by Carson’s own wife, Freddy introduces their latest business idea – the Lululemon of women’s drinking helmets. Once the excitement fades, Krista and Freddy take us down a long line of depressing news developments.

Risk Managing A Potential US Default

The crew is back from Institutional Investor’s award ceremony and Krista is still beaming from her nomination. Although she doesn’t quite remember the events of that night, Freddy reminds her that Boaz Weinstein robbed her of true fame, though we suspect the judges were taking a page out of the Clarence Thomas playbook. Carson broaches the topic that’s been on every investor’s radar: How to manage your portfolio around the unknown known event of a potential US default?