King George’s Shitty Risk Transfer

One man created Facebook. The other pitched Poober. They are not the same. And just in case there were any lingering debate over who’s cooler – Freddy Brick or Mark Zuckerberg – it’s all been settled over 4th of July wakeboarding. Freddy and Carson go on […]

Rich Handler Called Game

The ongoing feud between James Fishback and Greenlight Capital has been ratcheted up to a whole new level. For the first time in history, a portfolio manager at a multi-billion-dollar firm was awarded a $800k bonus due to his generating ~$100 million in profits. I […]

Roaring Kitty and Horny Academics

Just when short sellers thought they were in the clear, Roaring Kitty has re-emerged, dealing a major blow to those taking aim at GameStop (GME). Where did Gill get the funds for such a massive position? That’s where the plot thickens… North Korea has apparently […]