Short Selling is Essential to Corporate Bond Markets

Short sellers are often painted with a broad brush as trying to profit from the demise of corporations, but a huge percentage of short interest is actually coming from hedgers who are combining short equity positions with long positions in other parts of the capital structure.

Short Selling Beyond Traditional Frauds

Short sellers often go after the worst of the worst, looking for companies and management teams with serious and potentially even criminal issues. This is leaving a massive opportunity set of poorly run but not fraudulent companies untouched by activist short-sellers.

Shorting Bubbles with Low Moats

Junheng Li, Founder, and CEO of JL Warren Capital, runs a research firm that provides on-the-ground high-frequency data for sectors in the Chinese economy. In this episode, Junheng addresses the massive boom in Chinese company IPOs in the U.S. and how these companies are often too immature for public markets.