If you’re already of the belief that society has gone to shit, just wait until you find out that short sellers have been making money on the long side. That’s right, in Blue Orca’s latest short report, they tagged a South Korean pharmaceutical company as a major beneficiary of a recent court ruling.

The good news? Korean retail investors wasted no time showing the US memestock “investors” how apeing is really done.

The bad news? It’s a major blow to the South Korean regulator’s war against those EVIL SHORT SELLERS!!! Don’t worry, the victory laps aren’t done there.

Carson and Freddy take a trip down victory lane on their DLocal Limited (DLO) short, which increasingly appears to be circling the drain. Speaking of circling the drain, Rudy Giuliani is out with his very own line of coffee. Indictments, bankruptcy proceedings… But sure, it’s not just another shameless shilling.

Americans show that we’re not to be underestimated when it comes to unlimited food, which makes the recent South Park episode just, shall we say, “chef’s kiss.” And if you don’t feel comfortable turning to South Park for medical advice, you can always turn to AI. Just don’t blame Google when your kid comes out with 13 toes and a third eyeball.

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