Short Sellers’ First Half Revival

Mike Coolbaugh sits down with Ivan Cosovic of Breakout Point to discuss the biggest themes in the world of short selling. As an added bonus to the usual monthly update, Ivan provides an overview of how the entire first half of 2022 has played out.

Fraud Fest 2022 & Snake Whisperers

In this week’s episode, Freddy is back from sabbatical, but Carson is dialing in from sunny California. Given his new trucker look, there are serious questions as to whether Freddy really contracted Covid while he was away, or if it was just a mistaken case of Monkeypox.

Bill Hwang and A Japanese Orphanage

With his business ideas falling apart at the seams, Freddy has taken a page out of Elon Musk’s playbook and gone MIA this week. In his absence, Soren Aandahl of Blue Orca Capital joins Carson to discuss this week’s most pressing issues.