When things start and stop working all at the same time. Carson opens our latest episode with a personal struggle that plagues middle-aged men around the globe. As can be expected here on ZFG, we’re asking the hard-hitting questions – Which 5th grader has Gary Gensler assigned to manage the SEC’s cyber security protocols? Freddy, struggling with a bout of insecurity, seeks to set the record straight on SFO’s favorite rabbit. The metaverse continues to prove that it’s nothing more than a breeding ground for incels, but recent headlines appear to raise serious questions about the legality of serving one’s country in Call of Duty. And while we pride ourselves on asking the tough questions, our public service announcements just might save all of humanity. Krista wraps by revealing her first impression of Freddy’s dwarfism which, with the benefit of hindsight, seems to be a complete non-issue in comparison to her roid rage.