Happy New Year! Freddy starts 2024 off with a bang. Not only has he reverted to his ‘no shoes’ policy, but he kicks things off with yet another new business idea. For those of you who have yet to settle on a New Years’ resolution; might we suggest brushing up on your history? The History Channel, Wikipedia, there’s a wide variety of sources. But if we’re brutally honest, South Park might be one of the best places to start. And in the spirit of the holidays, Carson and Freddy announce a fresh sighting of Frank Timis. After failing miserably as a heroin trafficker, he’s trying his hand with African Agriculture Holdings (AAGR). Carson reveals how he survives the depths of boredom – hint, it’s not responding to Krista. And for all the crap they give Elon Musk, Carson and Freddy give credit where credit is due.