A Shifty Looking Accounting Story

Soren Aandahl of Blue Orca Capital makes the short case on Shift4 (FOUR). Blue Orca argues that the Company’s gross profit, EBITDA, and cash flow are inflated by a series of hyper-aggressive maneuvers undertaken just as the decline in FOUR’s share price created the threat of a margin call on its CEO’s equity-backed loan.

The El Chapo of Skittles

What do gerbils, Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama have in common? It might have something to do with cuckolding but at the very least, we can definitively say that they’re fun-loving creatures. Freddy goes on to explain his own religious beliefs and how his current views may have been shaped by a majestic fjord. In keeping with this theme of beauty, Carson details his latest trip to California where, unfortunately, policy makers are doing everything in their power to suck the fun out of an all-time classic treat.