The Premier of Toasted Zebra

Coming to you from the masterminds behind Poober and eBay for human organs, we bring you the Toasted Zebra! Inspired by Carson’s own wife, Freddy introduces their latest business idea – the Lululemon of women’s drinking helmets. Once the excitement fades, Krista and Freddy take us down a long line of depressing news developments.

Undamaged Goods

“JR” of Jehoshaphat Research is back to present a completely different short thesis on Techtronic Industries (669 HK). Based on subsequent interviews and extensive boots-on-the-ground research, JR believes that Techtronic is systematically defrauding Home Depot, its largest customer. At the heart of its thesis, Jehoshaphat Research has found a pattern of mislabeling products that allows the company to take advantage of a loophole in its exclusivity agreement with Home Depot.