If you ever find yourself questioning your intellectual capabilities, just remember, Josh Mitts is still a Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Whatever your feelings about his past work, there’s zero question about the complete lack of academic rigor, accountability, accuracy, intellectual honesty – whatever the hell you want to call it – in his latest research paper Trading on Terror?. Fret not, your favorite short seller is hot on his trail and Carson lays into Mitts’ self-anointed status as Academic Rambo. London has a new exhibit at the Science Museum and its relation to science is about as true as Mitts’ research. In brighter news, Freddy goes on to explain why he’s walked back his love for Robbie Williams faster than the Fed turned its back on ‘Higher For Longer.’ And as we close out the year, Jeffrey Ubben is the unquestionable leader for Retard of The Year. As a parting note, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Be sure to tune in next year. You won’t want to miss our new lineup of Woke Santa Claus, Contra-indicators with Jeffrey Ubben and as always, Monster Alpha!