Short Selling Beyond Traditional Frauds

Short sellers often go after the worst of the worst, looking for companies and management teams with serious and potentially even criminal issues. This is leaving a massive opportunity set of poorly run but not fraudulent companies untouched by activist short-sellers.


The Feast & Famine of Activist Short-Selling

Herb Greenberg is a legendary financial journalist who recently announced that he’s pursuing a career switch to activist short selling. In this candid conversation, Carson and Herb discuss Herb’s transition, including the major pitfalls he’s encountering, particularly around idea generation.

The Interest Rate Revelation

In this month’s episode of The Short of It, Carson Block, Freddy Brick, Dan David of Wolfpack Research, and Soren Aandahl of Blue Orca Capital discuss a range of topics from Carson’s recent revelation on interest rates and de-carbonization, to the legal woes of Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes.