About Us

Zer0es TV is the channel for investors who want to play all sides and know that there’s more than one way to win. Our channel was borne out of frustration with the clickbait headlines, diluted content and cagey answers in the media when it comes to corporations under scrutiny and information about short-selling.

Zer0es TV offers you honest, direct and revealing insights, backed up with intelligent research, that can be used in your investment strategy to hedge your portfolio and avoid being blindsided at any time.

We don’t do what’s expected, we do what’s right.

About Carson

Carson Block, founder of Zer0es TV, is a successful short-seller who has spent his career calling out corporate frauds, through his company Muddy Waters Research. From lawyer to hedge fund researcher and entrepreneur, Block’s experience, particularly in China, laid the foundation for his prominent short-selling career.