Time to get strapped in for this week’s ZFG speedrun. Ok, to be fair, it’s probably not our best choice of phrasing to use ‘strapped in’ with Harvey Weinstein at the top of this week’s episode. However, the good news for any of his jailhouse prey is that karma has come in the form of a gangrenous d*ck. Carson then weighs in on the recent passage of a bill to force the sale of TikTok. While the data collection aspect is one area of concern, Carson highlights the psychological warfare being waged on behalf of the CCP. Or, as Freddy states, “About f*cking time!” South Korea demonstrates that, once again, they have little imagination for cracking down on fraudulent actors. So, of course, regulators are finding new ways to combat “illegal short selling.” Speaking of short sellers, Trump Media’s CEO Devin Nunes has been bitch slapped by a formal statement from Citadel. Unlike South Korea, B. Riley Financial has a found a rather unique way in finding buyers for its bonds. And given the ZFG commitment to bringing our viewers the hardest-hitting footage of world events, Freddy closes out with a glimpse at how the people of Tel Aviv are handling the ongoing chaos.