Close Proximity to Accounting Disaster

Vic Bonilla of Jehoshaphat Research visits Zer0es TV to present his short thesis on Doximity (DOCS). While there are many aspects to this short campaign, Vic believes the apparent manipulation of the company’s contract accounting will ultimately render its downfall. With competition encroaching on its […]

Peter Thiel and His Palantir Pirates

The only thing better than watching Alex Karp coming unhinged on CNBC is the fact that one of its co-founders, who’s also the Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been the one recklessly dumping Palantir stock. Is Peter Thiel a short-seller in disguise?! Surprise, […]

A Trip to the Ranch After Dark

Ever wonder what the children of Texas do in their spare time? After a weekend where Carson and Freddy visited a friend’s ranch, the crew takes a minute to acknowledge the political and societal differences throughout our nation.