Academic Rambo at the Woke Museum

If you ever find yourself questioning your intellectual capabilities, just remember, Josh Mitts is still a Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Whatever your feelings about his past work, there’s zero question about the complete lack of academic rigor, accountability, accuracy, intellectual honesty – whatever the hell you want to call it – in his latest research paper Trading on Terror?.

Blackstone’s Wile E. Moment

Carson Block, Founder of Muddy Waters Capital, makes the case that Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. (BXMT) could be at risk of a liquidity crisis. At the heart of its thesis, Muddy Waters believes that 70%-75% of BXMT’s borrowers may be unable to cover interest expenses.

Bridgewater but with Monster Alpha

Although the Shark of Wall Street (“Carson”) isn’t donning his trucker sweater, he does have another colorful shirt for this week’s podcast. For those of you who’ve seen Episode 33 of ZFG (Stocks and Cocks at Fashion Week), it needs no explanation. But by some twist of the imagination, might he be trying to tell us that he actually enjoyed his TSA touch-up?