A Trip to the Ranch After Dark

Ever wonder what the children of Texas do in their spare time? After a weekend where Carson and Freddy visited a friend’s ranch, the crew takes a minute to acknowledge the political and societal differences throughout our nation.

Dwarfism in the Metaverse: Modern Warfare

When things start and stop working all at the same time. Carson opens our latest episode with a personal struggle that plagues middle-aged men around the globe. As can be expected here on ZFG, we’re asking the hard-hitting questions – Which 5th grader has Gary Gensler assigned to manage the SEC’s cyber security protocols?

A Strong Start to 2024

Happy New Year! Freddy starts 2024 off with a bang. Not only has he reverted to his ‘no shoes’ policy, but he kicks things off with yet another new business idea. For those of you who have yet to settle on a New Years’ resolution; might we suggest brushing up on your history? The History Channel, Wikipedia, there’s a wide variety of sources. But if we’re brutally honest, South Park might be one of the best places to start.