In this month’s episode of The Short of It, Carson Block, Freddy Brick, Dan David of Wolfpack Research, and Soren Aandahl of Blue Orca Capital discuss a range of topics from Carson’s recent revelation on interest rates and de-carbonization, to the legal woes of Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes. Carson argues that interest rates will stay low for decades and that central banks will explicitly justifying this as a way to encourage investment in de-carbonization. This will expand opportunity sets for short-sellers as charlatans chase the easy money and increase the importance of patience as those same charlatans will have an easier time refinancing and kicking the can down the road. The group also discusses the recent Credit Suisse report revealing exactly how they lost billions in the Archegos fiascos and the validity of the image of Bill Hwang as a devout Christian. As well they give Dan David some well-deserved praise for his stellar year to date.