After a few weeks off, the crew is back, and Freddy is clearly in a mood. COP27, England’s inability to score a goal against the US, the intellectual dishonesty of Venture Capitalists, it all comes bubbling to the surface. No VC discussion is complete without covering the recent FTX implosion. How much scrutiny should fall on the backers of Sam Bankman-Fried? Surprisingly, Carson is a tad more sympathetic than a fired-up Freddy Brick. Krista has a special message for Muddy Waters’ IT provider, and while she prefers to beat around the bush, Carson makes it simple… Fuck you! And in sticking with the cheery holiday spirit for this week’s podcast, Carson and Freddy share their disdain for sell-side analysts and their coverage of Muddy Waters’ most recent short call on DLocal Ltd. (DLO).