After two weeks away, the ZFG crew is back, and with some very important news – Tiger Global is back! With the NASDAQ roaring back in 2023, the Golden Levered Benchmark Boy is back in the black, as well. And to demonstrate the rigorous analysis that has gone into generating this terrific rebound in performance, Freddy shares a few anecdotes from eavesdropping on a recent conversation in Silicon Valley. And, no, we know what you’re thinking – he wasn’t out there pitching Poober to SoftBank, whose pockets are now lined with fresh bagholder cash. Pickleball is tearing apart communities almost as fast as it has the dignity of those who play it. Microphones on cox is a terrible idea. Carson goes on to reveal his best short idea following the Jets disaster on Monday Night Football. Freddy finds a place for OnlyFans in American politics. And Krista revisits her dreams of Hobby Horsing, only to admit that she’s a solid six decades past the prime age for competitors.