Batman & Robin take a back seat to another rock star by the name of the Acid Capitalist. In this week’s podcast, the crew is joined by Hugh Hendry who’s channeling his sixth sense. What has Hugh seeing dead people? In his words, the missiles of financial destruction have been launched, and we don’t mean Freddy’s ICBM. Krista finally reveals what she’s been doing on the weekends, and her penchant for shrooms in the dessert takes Freddy by complete surprise. Hugh then provides his thoughts on China, which triggers Carson and Freddy’s memory of an old scheme run by officials of the Ministry of Railways. As Hugh recounts his time as a macro manager, he lays out his belief for why the strategy has been so underwhelming over the past 15 years. And of course, no war story is complete without a full recount of Hugh sitting on a geyser in those final moments of the Global Financial Crisis.