The crew is back from Institutional Investor’s award ceremony and Krista is still beaming from her nomination. Although she doesn’t quite remember the events of that night, Freddy reminds her that Boaz Weinstein robbed her of true fame, though we suspect the judges were taking a page out of the Clarence Thomas playbook. Carson broaches the topic that’s been on every investor’s radar: How to manage your portfolio around the unknown known event of a potential US default? Carson and Freddy have gone back and forth on the appropriate way forward, but there is something they agree on – should the US default on its debt, which serves as the bedrock for global financial markets, no one has any idea how things will unfold. To get his point across, Carson shares the lessons of an old acquaintance who, just like our status as the global reserve currency, always found a way to threaten a perfect situation. And just in case you thought this looming risk of default has scared investors away from worthless shitcos, have no fear, there’s been a recent sighting of a Glenn Close impersonator.