Elon Musk is at it again and he’s fired up his incels to occupy the SEC. Worried about missing it? Have no fear, the Zer0es crew will have their man, Roddy Boyd, on the ground to give you an inside look at Drooler’s Paradise. Not to be outdone, Freddy digs up an old business idea for college textbooks, and this one might actually stick. What has camels so pissed off that they’ve taken a page out of the Occupy movement? Much like Musk’s incels, they seem to be fed up with the endless beatings. On an unfortunate note, Krista reveals she’s been contemplating a departure from her seat atop Zer0es. The only question is, will Kenny G match Freddy’s proposal to make her the Queen? And in a parting gift, Carson provides his official legal analysis of California’s proposed wealth tax.