With Freddy on a vacation tour of Europe’s most sun-kissed penitentiaries, and the gang in Texas trapped at home by a classic Austin ice-storm, it’s remote week at Zer0es. Freddy brings us the latest in Scottish prison politics; the Zer0es crew tactfully declines to learn more. Then it’s time for business. Calling in from the East Coast, Roddy Boyd breaks down last week’s hootenanny at Occupy the SEC. The crew takes a zaftig Lady Justice as a symbol for the everyday American’s love of conspiracies, and we hear about Robinhood’s romance with the gullible. Carson reflects on the lure of feel-good beliefs, and Krista laments the disappearance of an old chain of New York strip clubs. Finally, Roddy and Carson wonder whether financial education might be the way to walk grandma away from the slot machine.