After a month in sunny California, Carson is back in the studio while Freddy has jumped across the Atlantic. In a pleasant turn of events, Freddy is finally allowed to sit in his family’s fancy dining room. Despite the blistering heat in Austin, TX, Carson shows his appreciation for the diversity and peacefulness of living in a blue city within a red state. Krista marvels at Carson’s trimmed-down look which unfortunately comes on the heels of a stressful vacation. Was Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip reckless in poking the bear? All this geopolitical tension has Freddy back to researching an ICBM which, to no surprise, is still highly illegal. AMTD Digital (HKD) is the latest in a long line of Chinese IPO scams and the ongoing saga has Freddy teasing an upcoming discussion on the Zer0es platform. And Carson wraps up this week’s episode by providing an update on the firm’s latest short reports.