Although the Shark of Wall Street (“Carson”) isn’t donning his trucker sweater, he does have another colorful shirt for this week’s podcast. For those of you who’ve seen Episode 33 of ZFG (Stocks and Cocks at Fashion Week), it needs no explanation. But by some twist of the imagination, might he be trying to tell us that he actually enjoyed his TSA touch-up? Freddy had a good time in Mexico, which makes you wonder why he’s so sensitive to sitting down. Speaking of bizarre stories, we get a first-hand review of Rob Copeland’s new book, The Fund. Ever wonder what it’s like working at Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund? Freddy gives us a complete download. Well, at least a two-thirds download. And with ski season upon us, Freddy shares a cautionary tale from a Swedish cross-country skier. If you ever find yourself in 18th place of a ski race, please raise the white flag BEFORE your dick freezes off.