Carson is back from Vietnam and the crew has a big announcement! Fail and Set Sail Pale Ale is officially here, and Freddy is thrilled with the final product. Krista DeLuca makes another appearance in this week’s episode and she details the convoluted process it took to smuggle their refreshments into Texas. Summer intern season is finally here and Freddy is pleased that this year’s class is actually willing to do what is asked of them. Carson gives a quick recap of his trip to Vietnam and is excited with the firm’s planned expansion into Saigon. Freddy and Carson go back-and-forth on the quality of Chinese cars which then delves into Carson’s memory of a peasant street brawl. Luckily, Freddy is wearing shoes this week but is back to pitching his failing business ideas. Krista offers to lend a hand in Freddy’s short selling musical and Carson caps it off with a rant on the overpopulation of angry incels in the metaverse.