Chris Brown is one of the best long/short managers in the public equity game and has compounded his fund at +15% per year since 2008 while never having a down year. Chris came from a medical background and transitioned into finance.  This separates him as an extremely unique thinker. Even as a mathematical and science brained thinker, he tries to avoid systematic thinking.  At Aristedes, Chris manages $140 million in assets which makes him way more nimble and able to outperform vs. a larger billion-dollar funds. Chris describes how hard it is to short any meme stocks and concentrates his short book on a shareholder base that is largely retail. Chris believes that Tilray is the first major squeeze stock to hint at the oncoming mania followed by Tesla. To finish, Carson and Chris discuss the polarization in American politics and how being more open is hard to do while running a business in capital allocation.