Soren Aandahl, CIO of Blue Orca Capital, joins Zer0es TV to make the case that Standard Lithium is setting up to massively underdeliver on its promises to shareholders. Standard Lithium’s stock price hinges on their claims that they can achieve a 90% recovery rate on brine processed at their Arkansas facility, but Blue Orca has uncovered data from the company’s own regulatory filings that show the actual recovery rate is orders of magnitude lower than what they claim. Aandahl breaks down why this data undercuts the viability of the Arkansas project and why the lack of progress on a proposed joint venture and statements from other more established companies in the region confirm his beliefs. He also highlights the reality that even if you take the company’s claims at face value, SLI is still massively overvalued and likely to have to continue its trend of diluting shareholders.

The full report from Blue Orca Capital can be found on their website: