A Poober Pitch and Porn Zoom Bombs

Beyond any stretch of rational thinking, one of Freddy’s business ideas from 2022 still seems to be alive and kicking. With his fresh new swag, Carson lends his support to a reimagined Poober and tries to attract SoftBank’s interest with one of the largest TAMs in the market today.

Corruption in African Lithium Mining

Soren Aandahl of Blue Orca Capital makes the short case on Piedmont Lithium Inc (PLL), a pre-production lithium stock promotion, based on evidence that key lithium mining licenses were obtained by secretly paying and promising tens of millions of dollars to the son of a […]

The Last Frontier of Crypto Fraud

Anne Stevenson-Yang of J Capital Research makes the case that Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) has been a serial over payer for its bitcoin mining equipment, much of which hasn’t been operational. In a long line of questionable transactions, MARA recently spent millions of dollars for a mining facility that was oddly shut down within months.