In the latest podcast, the Muddy Waters trio is joined by a special guest, Andrew Left of Citron Research. The group discusses Kanye’s recent run-in with the Jewish community. Andrew then shifts the conversation towards more pleasant memories of Raging Bull and how Jordan Belfort just barely missed the heydays of the Dot-Com bubble. The looming question for everyone is; should we stop evaluating performance and simply look at the PM’s hair quality? Bill Ackman and Jeff Ubben – great hair. Steve Cohen, Stan Druckenmiller and Jim Simons – shit hair. Then again, maybe it’s not the hair and all we need to search for is the infamous ‘Post-Chin.’ Chin implants or not, Andrew shares his recollection of his announcement to abandon activist short selling, which Freddy points out, might have come at the absolute worst time in all of history. As everyone reflects on the challenges of this business, it’s been great visiting with Andrew for nothing other than the laughs.